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  Found Pets 

If you have found a lost pet please notify the shelter by phone at (239) 533-7387 (LEE-PETS).  Lee County Ordinance requires finders of all pets to surrender them to Lee County Domestic Animal Services within 24 hours.  This allows the owner of the animal the ability to claim their pet at one location within the county.  The owner may be frantically searching for their pet but will not be able to find them if individuals choose to keep found pets and look for the owner themselves.  Often finders will take it upon themselves to find the pet a new home when all the while the actual owner is looking for their pet at the shelter.  Also be advised that finders of pets do not have the legal right to rehome the animal as they are not the legal owner. 

If you find a pet and wish to adopt it or assist in rehoming it if it is not claimed, you may place an adoption application on the pet and you will be notified if the pet is not claimed by its legal owner. 

Animal Services will scan all found pets for a microchip ID and attempt through all means possible to locate the owner.  Lost and found pets are held for a three day stray holding period to be claimed by their owner, however, any pet with a pet license or microchip will be held five days.  Therefore it is imperative that you keep your records updated as we will try to locate you at the last address we have on file. 

Once a pet has been unclaimed by the owner after the expiration of the stray holding period, the pet will be placed for adoption or transferred to a pet placement partner/rescue unless the animal is deemed unadoptable due to health and behavior issues that are not treatable or correctable, and also depending upon current shelter capacity.