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Lost Pet Info 

Please note:  If your pet is lost and enters our shelter on a County-observed holiday, please see our Holiday & Shelter Closings Schedule for the next business day the shelter will re-open for lost pets to be claimed.  If you find your pet on our website when the shelter is closed to the public, please contact our after hours answering service at 533-7387, option 8.  The answering service will notify our agency the following business day.  IT IS STILL IMPERATIVE THAT YOU COME TO THE SHELTER IMMEDIATELY WHEN THE SHELTER HAS REOPENED TO RECLAIM YOUR PET.  Lee County Ordinance requires that stray dogs and cats be held for three (3) consecutive days, after which the animal becomes the property of Lee County Domestic Animal Services.

Approximately 10,000 animals (5,000 dogs and 5,000 cats) become temporary guests of Lee County Domestic Animal Services each year.   If your pet is missing, please visit Animal Services at 5600 Banner Drive (next to the Sheriff's Dept. off Six Mile Cypress Pkwy.).  Please see our home page for our hours for the intake of lost animals found by the public and hours for claiming lost pets.

At any time up to 300 animals are provided care at the shelter and we take in between 800 to 900 animals each month.  To assist you in identifying your pet, you can click on "Search for a Lost Pet" on our home page or click here to go immediately to begin a lost pet search.  Animals are listed by breed and description.  Please remember they will be listed by the breed or mix that we think represents the animal.  It may be different from what you know the breed to be.  Pictures are provided for as many pets as possible to aid owners in identifying their pets.  Even when available, photos are not intended to replace in-person, visual identification.  The only way to positively identify your pet is to come to the shelter in person to identify and claim your pet.  We also  cannot positively identify your pet over the phone.  Many pets fit the same description.  You must identify your pet in person. 

If the pet is wearing a Lee County license or has a Microchip ID, Animal Services will attempt to contact the owner.  The cost to redeem your dog, or cat will depend on whether it is habitually at large, is vaccinated for rabies, sterilized, and has a currently Lee County license.  We will require proof of ownership and personal identification.  Stray animals are held for three days to give owners an opportunity to claim their pets.  Beyond the three-day holding period pets are held as space is available.  Please do not delay looking for your pet based upon our hold times.   Your chances of finding a missing pet are best when you conduct a thorough search as soon as possible.

Some helpful tips:

·         Visit our shelter at least every other day.

·         Advertise in the "lost" ads of your local newspaper.

·         Check newspaper "found" ads.

·         Post flyers at area stores.

·         Call veterinarians in your area.

·         Call emergency animal clinics (listed in the yellow pages).