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Surrendering Your Owned Pet

(Revised 9/10/12)

Lee County Domestic Animal Services (LCDAS) is a government, tax-funded, stray domestic animal control facility responsibility for stray animal control services.  Our shelter cares for over 10,000 animals annually.  As a stray facility,LCDAS does not accept owner surrendered pets.  If you originally adopted your pet from LCDAS and the pet is less than five years of age, in good health and temperament and deemed adoptable by LCDAS, the pet may be returned if capacity is availalbe and applicable surrender fees are paid.  LCDAS recommends the following options for owners who can no longer keep their pet:

  1. Contact family, friends and co-workers who may wish to adopt your pet.

  1. Contact local humane societies and breed rescue groups for assistance who accept surrendered pets:

Animal Refuge Center
17991 Old Bayshore Rd.
North Ft. Myers, FL 
(239) 731-3535

Gulf Coast Humane Society
2010 Arcadia St
Ft. Myers, FL
(239) 332-0364

Rescue Groups:
(click on Services and then Breed Rescue Groups for placement of purebred pets)

  1. Place an ad in your local newspaper and on websites such as Craig’s List and post flyers at your veterinarian’s office, groomers, pet stores and your workplace.  Make sure you perform a home visit and veterinary reference check on anyone considering adopting your pet.  LCDAS also recommends not giving your pet away as “free to a good home” as individuals may sell your pet for research or dog fighting.  Charging an adoption fee is giving your pet an insurance policy.
  3. If you are unable to find a loving, responsible home for your pet through the options listed above and must surrender your pet prior to LCDAS having capacity to accept your pet, you may wish to contact your veterinarian or one the following agencies to provide humane euthanasia services if needed:


Eastside Animal Hospital
on Palm Beach Blvd
$75.00 for Euthanasia Procedure and Cremation starts at $53.00 depending on weight and options
(239) 694-8720

Gulf Coast Humane Society
$65.00 for Euthanasia and Body Care runs from $25.00 to $235.00
(239) 332-2719
(will only provide euthanasia services for medical reasons and not behavior reasons)

Best Friends Animal Hospital
in Gateway
$108.00 for Euthanasia and Body Care starts at $75.00 
(239) 768-7387

PAWS Lee County
13410 N. Cleveland Ave.
North Ft. Myers
(239) 652-6722

Our Hope Center
893 Pondella Rd.
Ft. Myers
(239) 543-7387

Affordable Animal Care Clinic
14561 Palm Beach Blvd.
Ft. Myers
(239) 694-7271

Lighthouse Pet Clinic
4316 Lee Blvd #11
Lehigh Acres
(239) 674-9060