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Volunteer Opportunities

(Revised 8/5/14)

About Our Program:

Our program is open to individuals interested in a long-term commitment to volunteering.  We welcome interested persons seeking to provide enrichment for our shelter pets through hands-on care, training, and socialization.  Details are listed below under Volunteer Positions.  The volunteer program is also open to college students who need to fulfill community service hours.  However, the student must be willing to make a commitment of at least 6 months even if the requirement for service hours may be completed in less time.  (The volunteer program is not available to satisfy court ordered community service.) 

If you are interested in volunteering, first read the requirements below.  If you are able to meet the program requirements below, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at In your email please indicate which type of volunteer service you would like to perform from the list below.  If we have an opening that matches your interests, we will set up a time when you can come to the shelter to meet with one of our Lead Volunteers for an interview.  During the interview we can determine if the current needs of the shelter and animals are a match for your skills and current availability.

LCDAS understands and appreciates the dedication and commitment required by volunteers.  Volunteers perform a responsible and essential role in the care and placement of the animals housed at our shelter.  Therefore, the following criteria are required of all volunteers. 

  • High school diploma or GED.  This is a requirement for anyone who volunteers for any department within Lee County Government (e.g., Library, Parks & Rec, Animal Services, etc.). Sorry, no exceptions can be made.
  • Ability to make a long-term commitment to volunteering (at least 6 months). 
  • Available a minimum of 16 hours per month during shelter hours.  For those who can only volunteer on Saturdays, a minimum of two Saturdays per month is required.  The kennels are open Monday through Saturday from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm.
  • Be able to commit to a regular schedule as well as the 16 hour minimum.  In order to provide continuity of care for the animals, it is important for us to have volunteers on a regular consistent basis.
  • Ability to handle and control a variety of active animals from small to large in size and to withstand varying temperatures and loud noises.
  • Following an offer to become a member of the volunteer program, agree to a national background check.
  • Complete hands-on training over a period of weeks and additional video training regarding animal behavior language and the role of Animal Services in the community.
  • Must be compliant with animal control ordinances, laws, and regulations.  As a volunteer you will be setting the standard and example so please check to ensure your own pets are up-to-date on vaccinations and licenses before applying to the program.
  • Comply with all required shelter policies and procedures.

The process of becoming a volunteer can take up to several weeks as applications are reviewed and background checks are processed.  For those accepted into the program, training is scheduled following the processing of your application and background check. 

Shelter Volunteer Positions 

  • Dog/Puppy Adoption Counselor (working directly with adopters to match the appropriate dog or puppy with the potential adopter).
  • Dog Walker/Socializer (includes cleaning up after the dogs and their kennels if needed)
  • Feline Socializer/Adoption Counselor/Lobby Greeter (these tasks are all part of the same job as the volunteers work between the cat adoption area and lobby for perform their job).